Home Design Inspiration : People Are Turning Home Depot Tuff Sheds Into Affordable Two-Story Tiny Homes

A two-story house is not an affordable investment, but what if there was a budget-friendly alternative for it? People have started to invest in prefab sheds and turned them into cozy homes, large enough for a small family.
These prefab sheds don’t cost a lot, can be transformed easily into a home and they are available to purchase from Home Depot.
The Tuff Shed TR-1600 is among the most popular choices and be converted into a tiny house with a little bit of creativity.
The price of the shed varies depending on its size and is among $13,000 and $24,000 but is still much cheaper than a home built from scratch.
The Tuff Shed TR-1600 has the first floor with 8-foot-high floors, a fully usable second floor, and interior stairs. The best part is that each tiny home can be customized according to your needs and you can even install a front porch for extra space.
This means that this shed can instantly become a vacation home, holiday rental, or a permanent home for you and your family.


You can live in a TWO STORY Home Depot Tuff Shed to house Conversion


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