Garden Design Inspiration : ‘Ice Cream Tulips’ That Look Like Strawberry Ice Cream With Whipped Cream On Top

The flowers are really astonishing.

Who doesn’t love tulips and ice cream? Even though it sounds like two things that don’t necessarily go together, it looks like nature thought otherwise. This tulip species has been named „Ice Cream Tulips” as they resemble strawberry flavored ice cream that also has whipped cream on top.
Just take a look for yourself if all these sounds peculiar. These beautiful flowers blossom every year in April and May and thanks to their playful look, they quickly became Instagram sensations. People can’t stop photographing them with these tulips in funny positions, looking like they are ready to eat them. Once you’ll see the pictures in which an entire Ice Cream Tulip field is featured, you’ll instantly feel like taking a bite of these cute flowers.
You can even buy the tulip seeds from Amazon and plant them in your garden to enjoy them every year.

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