Garden Design Inspiration : How to Grow 6,000 Lbs of Food on 1/10TH Acre

Who would have thought you could find this self-sufficient beauty 15 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles? If you want to grow your own food and make sure that everything you put on the table is 100% healthy and free of any chemicals, take the example of this next L.A. based family. The Dervaes grows their own food and everything they consume in a year comes from their own household. The family owns a property of 1/10 acres where they grow over 400 species of plants, their own vegetables, poultry and they even have their own beehive. All their products are chemical free and green and their sustainable way of life is a great example to follow by everyone who wants to control what they are eating. Growing your own food also means saving a lot of money and the Dervaes managed to earn over $20000 last year. Take a look at the following video to find out more about this healthy family and tips on how to follow in their footsteps.


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