Weird Ways To Sneak Gadgets Into Class / School Pranks And Life Hacks



Have you ever been bored in class? Have you ever wished you could text your friend or listen to your favorite music, but your teacher watches you very closely? Don’t worry! Sue’s got you covered!

In this video she will show you cool hacks to hide your phone and your tablet in class. But what’s more she’ll also show you a couple of funny ways to prank your classmates. It is very easy to do, you’ll just need a few things you probably already have at home – like a notepad, a pencil, a bag of chips…

Hop right in for some ultimate fun! And if the great Slick Slime Sam can be tricked, anything is possible.


Pencil earphones: 0:24

Pencil phone case: 1:26

Secret compartment in a notepad: 2:24

Book disguise for a tablet: 3:40

Milk in a soda can: 5:27

Carrots in a bag of chips: 5:59


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