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This video should’ve been called “Kovu shows you his underwear” because that’s basically all it is.

Here is everything summed up:
• Wear several pairs of underwear when you’re mAnstruating:
1. Black “girl pants” (superheroes and smiley faces?)
2. Wear dark/black briefs/boxer briefs.
3. Maybe wear boxers? I like wearing them as shorts, I’m not a big fan of jeans, especially not when it’s that time of the month.
Also, the waistbands might be tight and they can make your cramps worse, you can cut a little slit down on them if you want.
• Bind with sports bras (during P.E and just whenever you don’t feel like wearing a binder).
Also I forgot to mention this in the video:
If you’re a closeted trans girl you could wear a sports bra without cups.
• Keep a lose (preferably black, because the colour black hides curves) shirt in your backpack in case you need to take your binder off at school.
• Perfume free deodorants (if you’ve already started sweating, wash your armpits, you’ll thank me later).
• Shave off the little hairs that grow down right in front of your ears and cut your fringe and get a quiff to look more masculine.
• Fill in your eyebrows.
• Checkered shirts
• Don’t be afraid to buy stuff from the kids section (better having clothes that fit than to look like a tent).

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(But here are some answered anyway:
“What’s your name?” Kovu
“Where are you from?” Norway
“How old are you?” I turn 15 6th of September 🙂
“What are your pronouns?” He/him :3)

Stay safe!



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