That COMFY Life! 30 Clever Hacks To Make Your Life More Comfortable



30 Smart Life hacks that will make your life easier and save you from embarrassing situations. Subscribe for more easy DIY hacks and crafts

At Crafty Hackers, we are all about that chill, cozy life. So we’ve got some total wow hacks that will make your life super comfy and a whole lot easier. But first, make sure you show us some love by subscribing, hitting the notification bell, and clicking the thumbs up button if you liked this video. Ok, here we go.

Want to reattach a bead or jewel without burning yourself with hot glue? We’ve got a hack for that. Pull out a match, and squeeze some hot glue to the stick about a quarter inch down. Keep turning and adding glue until you’ve got a nice sized dollop on the match. As the glue dries, keep turning the match so the glob dries evenly and doesn’t fall off. Ok, now light the match and let the flame melt the glue a bit. Then stick the bead to the glue to get a small amount onto the back of the bead. Then just glue it back on. No burns, no mess.

It’s just too easy to miss the nail and hit your thumb with the hammer. Ouch! Here’s a quick fix. Pin a clothespin to the nail, and hold the handle. Now your fingers and thumbs will be out of whacking range. Ah, that’s better.

Heels scuffed up? Not a problem. Let’s give them a makeover. First, paint some craft glue onto the heel. Then scoop up some glitter and sprinkle it onto the glue. We just love making things sparkle.

When you heels are making your feet hurt, and they keep slipping off, give this a try. Pull the pads out of your bra, and stick them in the bottom of your shoes. They’ll make your heels super comfy and they won’t slip off your feet.
Try this hack to keep your pantyhose from running. Spray them with a little hairspray and they’ll stay super resilient. Turns out hairspray’s not just for your hair.

Hey there, forks. Let’s give you a new purpose. You’re gonna need pliers for this one. Bend the prongs of the fork so the curve around. Then bend the handle back. Now you’ve got hooks for your towels.


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