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I’m really feeling giant slime DIYs lately so Lisa and I decided to make this fluffy rainbow one using scented shower foam! It’s a lot harder making DIY jumbo slimes in Europe since they simply don’t sell large enough containers of glue or baking soda! The largest bottle of white glue I found was 1L (don’t get me started on clear glue :P). Borax is much cheaper to use as activator when making big slimes but that’s not available here at all. So after a bunch of experimenting, we came up with this giant slime DIY using the contact lens method.

Another problem with giant slime tutorials is that there are rarely exact recipes online, since most videos are for entertainment and people simply make their jumbo slimes by eye. The recipe in this video is enough for 2L of slime and a fairly good starting point for large slimes! You can scale the quantities up or make them in different colours like we did. It’s also not overly expensive to make, about $30 per slime using the exact ingredients we used. If you can find bigger containers of glue or baking soda then it will get even cheaper.

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