DIY Soufflé Slimes!!! Make the Perfect VIRAL Domed Iceberg Slime! ASMR Slime Kit Unboxing & Review



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You might have seen this amazing souffle slime on Instagram already! The original one was created by the account @fantasy.slimes and I tried my best to recreate the recipe. My method uses two different slimes, a regular fluffy slime for the base and an ultra fluffy one for the dome. This isn’t 100% foolproof since the success of the recipe depends strongly on the amount of slime activator and the brand of shaving cream. Since each person’s slime activator is different, you may need to play around a bit in order to find a recipe that works with the exact ingredients you use.

The ideal top of a souffle slime should be dry, crunchy and shaped like a smooth dome. I realised that this is created in a very similar way to real souffles! Fluffy slime contains a lot of air bubbles and some of these automatically rise to the top while the slime is settling. By creating a small iceberg slime, the topmost layer dries out so the bubbles can’t escape. They push upwards against the dried slime and this helps enhance the round shape. However if you leave the slime for too long, the bubbles in the remaining slime start to dissolve, creating larger pockets of air. This enables trapped air to move back down again, thus causing the souffle top to “sink”.

If your slime contains enough glue then it should hopefully dry completely into a dome shape. However too much glue will also cause it to flatten into a muffin shape, similar to the two pink slimes I made. These may not look as cute but are equally satisfying to poke!

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*Btw, I’m not actually sure whether the inks were food colouring or paint! So please don’t use for actual food projects!

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