DIY Rainbow School Supplies! Hack Along: Highlighter, Slime Book, Pencil Clutch | DIY LIFE HACK GIRL



This week, we are brightening your school days with DIY school supplies, THE RAINBOW EDITION!

DIY Rainbow Highlighter. 3 highlighters in one! WHAAAAT! Check it out, for this DIY all you need is a yellow, a blue and a pink highlighter. Draw each color onto the yellow highlighter and you’ve got a temporary triple threat! Your books won’t know what hit em!

DIY Slime Rainbow Notebook. Start out with a standard notebook. Make the slime. Then pour it into individual bowls to dye with food coloring. Primary colors work best because they will form a rainbow as they mix together. Next, in a ziplock bag, create a checker board with pieces of each slime color. These will eventually all blend together. Make sure you glue your bag shut for extra protection. Duct tape this masterpiece to your notebook and watch the colors meld together. Super trippy!

DIY Rainbow Pencil Clutch. Grab some large straws and clamp one side with a clothespin. Next, apply hot glue to the end so it’s water tight. In an ice cube tray, mix water, food coloring and glitter. Then use an eye dropper to fill the straws. Glue the other end of the straws. Cut a piece of vinyl to the same size of the zipper bag. Glue this part to the zipper bag using super glue (DON’T USE HOT GLUE). Let this dry and finish the edges with fancy duct tape. Finally, add a wrist strap to complete your clutch. Girl, you so fancy!

Which one of these DIY’s sent you over the rainbow? Tell me in the comments, below. Mine was the rainbow slime notebook, because it doubled as a squishy pillow and looked super rad! Turn on your notifications and watch for new episodes every Friday! Later, #goldiesquad!


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