DIY EDIBLE SQUISHY!! How To Make “Squishies” using Popin Cookin Candy Kits!



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WHAT’S INSIDE POPIN COOKIN POWDER?!! If you have any tips, hints or guesses then please leave it down below!! I’d love to try making DIY Popin Cookin completely from scratch.
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Popin’ Cookin’ videos are literally all over YouTube so I tried to put my own twist on it by using the Bento Box kit to create an edible “squishy” cat. This was quite similar to my Popin Cookin Onigiri tutorial ( which was one of the first videos I ever made for YouTube :D. The bubble gum flavoured “rice” that you get in Popin Cookin kits can be sculpted fairly easily and has a bouncy texture similar to squishies.

I haven’t made many Popin Cookin DIYs since the trend was mostly over by the time I started YouTube. However that doesn’t diminish the fact that these kits are SO MUCH FUN. There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching powders turn into candy and being able to make tiny miniature edible things. If you’ve never tried these before, then I hugely recommend getting a bundle of kits, instead of just one. They’re all fairly easy to understand even without instructions :).

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