Life is hard enough, why not make it a little easier and a little cheaper? We scoured the world wide web to find you some amazing do it yourself life hacks to make the toughest and most annoying things in your life a little more bearable. These are some of the best DIY Life Hacks.

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#12: How to Easily and Quickly Clean a Beauty Blender
Ladies, who here hates how dirty your beauty blenders get…? So do we. Luckily, we may have found a solution. Take a cup of water and add some soap, plop in that $20 beauty blender and put it in the microwave for 25 seconds. After removing the container, let it sit to cool down for about 3-5 minutes. Then, take out the beauty blender, squeeze it out and dry it, and voila! It looks brand new. Now you don’t have to go out and buy any ridiculously overpriced beauty blender cleaner.

#11: Another Use for Bread Clips!
The bread clip returns another useful life hack! This time, it is used to save your flip flops! If you have ever worn out a pair of flip-flops, you know that the first thing to happen is that the piece that holds the plastic strip on the bottom rips up and through, causing the plastic strip to come undone. Well, luckily that can be fixed with this hack! Using a broken clip, put it around the piece on the bottom of the flip-flop to hold it in place, rather than have it tear through constantly!

#10: Quickly Clean Your Keyboard with Just a Sticky Note
That’s right; you can easily clean out your keyboard without having to remove the keys! Simply take the sticky end of the sticky note, slide it in between the keys on the keyboard, and it should grab all of the crumbs and dust that collects in between them!

#9: Essential Oil Toilet Roll
Using Febreze spray in the bathroom is so 2017. Instead, try putting a few drops of essential oil on the inside of the toilet paper roll to make your bathroom smell less like a bathroom, and more like you’re surrounded by a field of lemongrass.

#8: Turn that old Wine Bottle Rack into a Towel Rack
Do you have an old wine bottle rack laying around because you’ve given up on trying to be “fancy” with wine and store it in the fridge like the rest of us? Why not use that wine bottle rack as a new towel rack! Hang it up in the bathroom and store your towels on it to make your bathroom look that much fancier!

#7: Save your Car Door with a Pool Noodle
Scared to park in your garage with the fear of hitting the wall with your car door? Thanks to this hack, you don’t have to be anymore! This hack requires a pool noodle and some nails. Start off by splitting the pool noodle down the middle, and nailing one half to the wall where you get out of your car. Now, you can open your door without the fear of denting it.

#6: Safely Clean Legos and Other Kids Toys with a Mesh Laundry Bag
We know that kids can be the messiest human beings on the planet. We also know that their toys are probably ten times worse. To ensure that their toys stay clean, place them in a mesh laundry bag (electronic toys excluded, naturally), and run them through the washing machine. If they’re plastic toys, we recommend letting them air dry. If they’re stuffed animals or other plush toys, you can put those in the dryer with a dryer sheet and run that too.

#5: Using a Second Shower Curtain Rod for More Storage
No more leaving your products in each corner of the shower! Instead, consider purchasing a second shower curtain rod to hang baskets, loofahs, washcloths, and other amenities to make a cleaner, better-organized shower for yourselves!

#4: Using Hanging Shoe Racks for Maximum Organized Storing
No DIY Life Hack list is complete without mentioning a hanging shoe rack. This wildly successful hack has been around since people started posting DIY Life Hacks. Use to store and organize almost everything from shoes to food; this is essential for any organized person’s life. Hang it on the pantry door to hold and organize snacks, spices, canned goods, and more. Hang it from a closet door to store shoes, cleaning supplies, and supplies. These things can be used to store so many items, and one person even suggests it store your kid’s Barbies. A truly iconic and useful hack for any household.

#3: A Quick and Easy iPhone Speaker
Portable speaker run low on battery? Stuck at a party without music? Try this out to save the party. Place your phone into a plastic cup, and turn your phone volume all the way up. An easy, cheap, and portable phone speaker to play music wherever you are.

#2: Using Binder Clips to Prevent Frozen Food Avalanches
Ever open your freezer to be met with all of your frozen goods storming their way out and onto the floor? Someone has even come up with a smart solution to that. You can use binder clips to hold your bags of frozen goods to the tray inside of your freezer. Man, the internet thinks over everything, huh…?



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