8 DIY Projects And Life Hacks For Cars – How To Make Awesome Car Accessories For Cheap



In this video I show how to upgrade your car (or your parents’ car) and make it look custom in smart and cheap way. I show how to make a DIY Headrest Phone Holder, DIY Headrest Mirror With Light and Makeup Organizer, DIY Travel Pillow With A Hood out of an old hoodie, DIY Car Air Freshener, super useful DIY Cleaning Roller, DIY Cooler Bag (or case) for cold drinks, super easy DIY Car Sun Visor Organizer and DIY Mini Trash Can.

I start with a Do-It-Yourself headrest mirror with light plus make-up organizer. You will need a hard cover pencil case with zipper, cheap LED touch light, pocket (travel) mirror and a knit elastic. Super easy and super useful. Cause, you know, passengers on the back seats also want to be cute LOL

The second DIY idea for your car is a DIY Insulated Cooler Bag For Bottle with cold drinks. I must confess that I… umm.. let’s just say “don’t like” heat. So it is very important for me to have a cold water or lemonade or juice in the car. So here it is – my super cool cooler LOL To make it you’ll need: cheap silver folded bubble car sun shade (sometimes you can get them for free at gas (filling) stations), cute socks (you’ll need just one), sport bottle (better transparent), rubber band and hot glue (or a needle with a thread). It works perfect!

Next thing you can make for your car with your own hands is a really awesome sticky cleaning roller. You will need a paint roller and a masking tape (you can get it from one store LOL). After cleaning seats just peal of the upper layer of masking tape and your roller is ready for use again. When all the masking tape will be over – just wrap the roller with the new one again.

The next one is one of the easiest DIYs I’ve ever made LOL – DIY Sun Visor Upgrade. Just put on a knit elastic or strong rubber band on the visor and you’re done. You can store your lip gloss or comb, photos, money or documents etc. there. One word – useful! … And the other one – easy!

DIY Air Freshener is the next project. I took a glass jar, made a holes in the plastic lid, glued up the artificial flower (pink rose), put stones and salt into the jar and added few drops of essential oil (I prefer mint and lemon). Secure the freshener with a puff double-sided tape. Add essential oil every 2 weeks to keep the fragrance strong enough to fill the car.

Oh, my favorite – DIY Car Headrest Phone Holder. If you have two pieces of rope (I used a clothes line) and two paper clips – then you have a back seat video player and a game console LOL Super easy way to hang your phone on the headrest and watch movies at the back seat while traveling. I lllooove this!

Safety first. And clean car second! LOL So I made a mini trash can for candy wrapping, some paper wastes and any other things you need to put somewhere to throw them out later. There are so many places for bottles and cups in the car that are always empty. So I bought some cheap car ashtray, painted it white (which was not necessary of course), glued up gold paper circles and put it in the “hole” near steering wheel. And know what? It is always full every time I come back home LOL

And the eighth DIY – original and cozy DIY Travel Pillow With A Hood out of an old hoodie. You will need an old hoodie (obviously) and a hot glue or a needle and a thread. Cut off sleeves, sew them as I show in the video, then fill them with pillow filling and sew the cut hood inside. It is super cute and super cozy!

P.S. Oh, and that couple at the end was filmed accidentally LOL

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