We love to share surprising lifehacks that will totally change your life! You will find crazy lifehacks that will make you look skinnier and younger, perfect ways to make storage boxes by your hands and even a cool craft for your pets!
Take a scotch tape and use it as a beauty product. Wait for what? Yes, apply sticky tape directly on a wrinkle and leave overnight to smooth wrinkles. Want to look skinny on photos? Watch our video and your belly will look perfect. Find more genius sticky tape hacks: learn how to replicate fingerprints using lipstick and sticky tape to unlock the iPhone, fix your deep plunge dress, use sticky tape for manicure design. Here is an easy way to copy fingerprints, cover a finger with red lipstick and place a sticky tape over the lipstick. Now you can unlock a phone.
We love easy and quick beauty recipes. Moreover, we love to use natural ingredients and the ingredients you can easily find at home. If you have rose petals you can make a mask from them. Put petals in boiling water and boil for a couple of minutes. Add some honey, let cool and apply. Rose petals are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and essential oils that will moisturize and hydrate your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
You don’t need to spend money on storage boxes as you can make them by yourself. Upcycle cardboard boxes to make a cute box for towels. For this easy project, you will need an ordinary cardboard box, rope, and an old t-shirt. Use hot glue gun to attach the rope to the box and wrap the box with the rope. Cut your t-shirt and put inside the box.
One more awesome idea is to make DIY pet grooming gloves, you will need rubber dishwashing gloves and make little hot glue dots all over them.

02:08 Unexpected uses of sticky tape
02:47 How to replicate fingerprints
05:00 Easy lingerie cookies
07:34 Bathroom hacks
09:51 Surprising uses of a lighter
14:16 DIY hot glue buttons

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