The world’s greatest magic tricks revealed, cool life hacks and trivia questions for kids and adults:

00:14 – Magic tricks revealed
You know that magic tricks have nothing to do with magic itself, but with science and artistic talent. But how exactly they do it is a riddle. Now you have a chance to crack the magic tricks you used to believe when you were a kid! I bet you will go insane when you see how elaborate the tricks are! If you fail to find the solutions (as I failed and my friends too), just relax and wait for the answers to appear😀

02:23 – Easy tricks
Enjoy this step by step instructions on “how to do magic tricks”. These are easy tricks you don’t need much room to execute. All the items you need, you can find in your kitchen or around the house. Amazingly easy magic tricks will blow your kids and friends minds!

05:24 – World’s Greatest Magic Tricks Revealed
The magic tricks catching the imagination of kids and adults are finally exposed! Enjoy this fun puzzle with answers revealing the tricks you were puzzling over since your childhood (well, at least I was!). But before the answer is shown, try to crack the secret by yourself 😉

06:55 – Cool trivia, useful general knowledge to keep up your sleeve!

08:18 – Hacks and trivia
To solve this fun quiz you should have a practical mindset or be a life hack lover! Turn on your imagination and try to guess what the purpose of this simple thing is. I bet you will hardly wait till the end of this video to try these hacks at home too!

10:22 – Trivia question and answer for kids and adults.

11:37 – Life hacks

13:50 – Useful general knowledge question
You’ll love this GK question! It’s fun, easy and gives a lot of useful information and you’ll have different (read healthy) preferences for your next meal 😉

15:02 – Fun bets
Challenge your friends with these cool bets and enjoy your little win (wait, why little? You got the secret, so use it well!) You know that mission is impossible, but they still don’t😜 No way anyone can win any of this bets, but if they do, you should know that your friend is definitely from Krypton or something.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these magic tricks, life hacks and trivia questions you liked the most!

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