The yarn is an amazing material you can use for craft projects! There are a lot of décor items you can make from yarn. These ideas are absolutely inexpensive! Check out awesome and super easy yarn crafts you can make in 5 minutes!
Turn simple yarn into pretty feathers that are so beautiful and simple. Supplies you will need mod podge, yarn, and wire. You can use yarn feathers cards decoration, making earrings, door wreath or Dreamcatcher. Those who knit will totally love the idea of how to stop your yarn ball rolling around on the floor by using a bowl and binder clip.
We have some cute crafts with pom poms! Pom poms are so easy and look amazing when finished. These fluffy balls are so fun to make and you can make a lot of creative things like carpet, pillowcase, and even toys! Have fun! One more crafty idea you can find watching the video is that you can decorate your sweater using yarn. You can make any print you like!
Have you imagined that you can make a bracelet with real flowers inside? Use casting resin to create a masterpiece! Moreover, you can make a glamorous pendant by your own hands! Pour some glue inside metal setting, sprinkle glitter and cover with resin! Create a whole collection of pendants, rings, and earrings that suit your taste and style!
Polymer clay is also a great material to make adorable décor items like bowls for jewelry, pencil holders and even jewelry!
Holidays are coming and we have an inexpensive idea how to make cute candles with pictures that your friends will totally adore! Make any picture on tissue paper and place on a candle. Cover with wax paper and fix using masking tape. Use hair drying and blow hot air onto the picture for a couple of minutes. After that remove the paper.

02:20 DIY bathroom mat
04:42 Pom pom heart
09:40 Resin bracelet
11:52 Polymer clay bowls
14:49 How to apply pictures to candles
22:40 Cute pen with a flower

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