25 WEIRD Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!



I have 25 WEIRD Life Hacks you need to know to simplify and improve your everyday life. In this video I’m going to cover many awesome ideas involving food, organization, to saving a few bucks, along with some general life hacks that will solve life’s annoying problems. It’s going to be yet another awesome life hack video, believe that. These tips and tricks have changed the way I live life so I think you’re going to get a kick out of these.

All of the weird life hacks featured in this video are listed below with time stamps.

1. Grocery bag hair catcher 0:36
2. Peeler Knife from a Soda Can 1:28
3. Pump car tires with bicycle pump 2:08
4. Phone mount – car hack 2:49
5. Selfie stick with dustpan 3:15
6. Pam cooking spray for squeaky door 3:51
7. Pam cooking spray for Tupperware 4:16
8. Cooking oatmeal/Ramen Noodles with Coffee/Keurig Machine 4:50
9. Banana Life Hack 5:33
10. Roast Marshmallows over the stove top 6:20
11. Oreos and Doritos in pepper grinder 6:51
12. Cutting Corn on the cob with bundt pan 7:33
13. Ice in colander 8:09
14. Open bottle cap with paper life hack 8:38
15. Bottle cap on bar of soap 9:20
16. Grocery bag shower cap 9:46
17. Perfectly peel hard boiled egg every time 10:29
18. Bake cake with soda (soda cake) 11:08
19. Hiding food life hacks 11:58
20. Parmesan cheese chips 12:33
21. Repurpose Parmesan cheese lids for mason jars 13:14
22. Repurpose peanut butter lids for mason jars 13:39
23. Burger King frings fast food hack 14:02
24. Make foam soap with Dawn soap and water 14:29
25. Fraction Math hack 15:19


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