Christmas decorations and ornaments are difficult to store because they are fragile and takes a lot of space. Check out the best ways to pack and organize Christmas ornaments and decorations!
You know that when holidays are over it’ could be a pain to take down an artificial Christmas tree. Here is an easy solution – leave all the ornaments and wrap the tree!
When next Christmas season will come, simply cut a wrap.
Check out more hacks:
– Organize spools of ribbons using a basket with holes and skewers
– Take a hanger to a garment bag to organize wrapping paper
– Create a perfect knife for wrapping paper out of empty toilet roll and replaceable razor blades
– Use a wire hanger to organize garlands
– Or make your own make your own ornament storage box from cups and a plastic box
Create Christmas tree decorations made from pasta, wire hangers, crayons, and yarn! Let’s give your traditional decorations an extra special look! Check out the best ways to prepare for Christmas and to decorate your home. Find cutest ways to decorate the Christmas table. The napkin-folding techniques are something fun and useful for special events Christmas dinner, you can make cute Christmas trees out of napkins. Check out our tutorial. Drip ornaments are so cool! Take clear glass ornaments, crayons, and a hairdryer. If you have old broken crayons, put them into the ornaments and melt using a hairdryer.
Paper crafts are so cheap and easy and greeting card is the best way to tell your friends that you love them. Handmade cards could look awesome! Follow our tutorials to make beautiful origami cards, pop-up cards, cards male from pencil shavings and washi tape!

00:09 Wrap your Christmas tree
01:21 Clever way to cut wrapping paper
02:55 Use plastic cups to store ornaments
03:46 Drip ornaments
04:54 DIY Christmas wreaths
06:07 Easy and cheap holiday cards

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