Winter is already here and we prepared incredibly helpful winter hacks to help you survive when it’s cold outside.
They will help you to cope with typical winter problems and you will enjoy this winter in the snow and cold weather.
Learn the best winter hacks that everyone should know:
– Use a penny to diagnose tires, insert a penny into tires thread with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see all the head, your tires are fine
– You can make a fleece snuggle blanket with sleeves. You can wear it while you are watching tv or work at your home computer. You may buy a new blanket to create this cool item or reuse an old one! Choose the color or pattern you like and follow out instructions. Make sleeves by folding in half and pinning together the two parts of the fabric. Make two holes for hands and pin the sleeves to the holes. Sew along the edge with a small seam allowance. Ready! You can stay at home wrapped in your cozy blanket. Moreover, you can make one for your friend!
– Add grip to the bottoms of your sneakers. Glue pieces of felt to the bottom
– The most effective solution to store high boots is to use metal pants hangers. This solution allows to keep the shape of the boots and they won’t take a lot of space. Besides, it provides easy access and you don’t need to look thrown tons of shoe boxes
– Upcycle an old sweater and create socks, a cute decoration for a bottle of wine, a cozy pillow or even mittens for two
– Try to make a giant knit blanket. This awesome idea is a worldwide trend now because of it quite unusual. This awesome item will make your home stylish and you can surprise your friends with this unusual item
– Use ear candle to cure clogged ear
Enjoy this winter with our awesome lifehacks!

00:25 Cozy blanket with sleeves
01:42 Reuse old sweater
02:29 How to store winter boots
04:32 DIY mittens for two
05:10 DIY Giant blanket
06:15 Homemade cough drops

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