What’s the coolest fabric on Earth? That’s right denim! And this time I’ve prepared a number of great hacks to make your jeans and denim clothes even cooler! Grab your scissors and chop-chop!
Your jeans are really old, but still, you love them so much and don’t want to throw away?
Find out how to hide unexpected holes in your favorite jeans cover it with embroidery and make your jeans customized and funny!
If you think that your jeans are too boring, you can easily decorate them – a thread of your favorite color is all that you need! Watch this life hack video and see how to decorate jeans using very simple stitching. You can decorate your jeans using pieces of fabric or bleaching.
If your jeans are really old, we suggest cutting it out to make slippers. Moreover, you can transform your old jeans info stylish skirt. Grab your scissors and chop-chop! Make a bag out of old jeans! Use it to keep all your books or stationery or use it to carry around in a fabulous statement bag look.
Another cool idea is to make a cute apron to work in the garden. Check out how to decorate it and make super cool. You just need to choose the fabric you like!
Besides, learn how to dry your jeans in 5 minutes using the bottle of cola!
After watching this video, you can find your size without fitting, and if your jeans are too big or too small for you, you can learn to adjust them just right or even turn them into a skirt! Did you know a brilliant lifehack that we are ready to share – pants will fit if the waistline goes around your neck. Don’t you believe us? Try this lifehack and share the results in comments below!
A properly fitting pair of jeans has a great power as can instantly change your mood. However, it’s not an easy thing to find a good pair. The key to proper fitting pair is to know your body type. Learn the main ones: oval, rectangle, triangle, pear, hourglass.
Check it out! Boost your creativity and designer skills! 🙂

00:06 Reuse your old jeans
00:31 How to fix a hole
01:51 Garden apron
09:10 Unexpected vodka hack
09:25 Tips to chose a perfect pair


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