20 Ancient Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of



Times are changing, and we are too. Some things and concerns, however, remain the same for centuries. How to get rid of a splinter? What should you do if you run into a mad dog? It turns out these questions were answered for us a long time ago. Here are the 20 most useful life hacks from the past you are going to love!

How to light a match in the wind 1:29
How to make a fire extinguisher 1:57
How to fell a tree 2:31
How to light a cigarette with ice 3:02
How to check if your bed linen is damp 3:34
How to keep eggs fresh 4:10
How to water the plants when you are far away from home 4:41
How to make a water filter 5:19
How to make an ink bottle holder 5:55
How to save a person who suffered from an electric shock 6:26
How to move people who cannot swim across the water 6:54
How to blow out a brick 7:40
How to draw a circle without a compass 8:10
How to draw a pigeon not taking the pencil off the paper 8:46
How to hold pets the right way 9:39
How to stop a mad dog 10:20
How to make boiled potatoes dry and floury 11:06
How to carry a heavy jug 11:32
How to slice fresh bread 12:03
How to remove a splinter 12:35

– Here is the trick: try to cut a shape which resembles a “Christmas tree” on the match. When you light its head, the chips you got will go on fire.
– All it takes is 1 pound of salt and 0.5 pounds of ammonia. Mix them with two liters of water. Throw this mixture into the fire. There you go!
– Make two identical wedges on both sides of the tree. Pull the tree with a rope in the direction where you want it to fall.
– Put some potassium on the tip of the cigarette and touch it with a piece of ice.
– You don’t need a fridge or a special container for this according to the cards. To keep the eggs fresh for a long time, dip them in salt and put them in a dry place.
– Fill a large container with water and put it somewhere above the plants. Take a woolen rope and put one end into the container, and the second one into the pot.
– You can get the purest water from a zinc bucket with a hole at the bottom for draining. Put fine sand, coarse sand, clean and spent gravel and stones in layers on the bottom.
– Cut a snowflake shape in a square sheet of paper. Bend off the petals you get, and place the container in there.
– Put on dry gloves or take any insulated object (a piece of cloth, clothing, etc.) and pull the poor victim by his or her clothes.
– Tie one end of a solid rope to a tree. Make one scout swim across the river and attach the other end to the tree on the opposite side. Make a seat or something like that, attach it to a loop that can move freely along the rope. Using light cable scouts will safely take everyone who can’t swim to the other side of the river.
– Take a usual medium-sized plastic bag, put it on the table and put a brick on it. Place the open end of the bag in your mouth and start blowing into it.
– Take a piece of wire and twist it around a pencil on one end. Sharpen the other end of the wire to use it as the point leg of a pair of compasses. You can bend the wire and adjust the pencil to get any circle size you want.
– Take a piece of paper and a pencil and never take the pencil off that piece of paper. Keep drawing the infinity symbols as you see in the card.
– In case you were unlucky and did run into that monster, you can use “a scout’s staff, a walking-stick, or even a handkerchief or hat” to protect yourself, as the card suggests. Put the selected item on one end of the stick, hold it between you and the dog.
– To cook potatoes like a chef, add a pinch of sugar, not only salt when boiling. Once they are boiled, pour the water away and put the saucepan back on the stove for a short time. Shake the potatoes to make them equally dry.
– Hold the jug straight and keep your thumb inside when carrying it. This will prevent the weight from pulling the jug down, the card said.
– Put the knife in boiling water for 10-15 seconds, then take out and slowly slice the bread.
– Say goodbye to annoying splinters. Fill a small bottle with hot water almost to the brim and press it firmly against the arm. The water will slowly cool down and suck up your skin. After a while, you will be able to remove the splinter easily.

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