10 DIY Phone Case Life Hacks! | Clever Ways To Spice Up Your Plain iPhone Case!



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Hey guys!! Today I bring you some phone cases! Enjoy!

The first way of making a case is super simple, you just need your phone, a clear case like I said before and any picture of your choice like this one that you can print out, so cut it out and place it on your phone however you like, cut out the excess paper from the sides, slide your clear case and that is it! This is the easiest way of making a cute case like this, the only important thing is that you resize the pic before you print it so it fits in the phone, mine for example is 7 cm wide so I made the pic 6,5, and it fits great so yeah as you can see this is a super simple method!

Another way of making transparent cases is using some plastic sleeves like this one, so trace the outline of your phone case with some whiteboard marker, including the camera hole and cut it out. You can cut the camera hole with an X-acto knife if you prefer, and the whiteboard marker marks just disappear by rubbing them.

So once you have your transparent template, there are tons of cases you can make. For example you can print some watercolor feather pics like these and cut them out. Now place your template onto the phone and start arranging your feathers until you have your design. And then glue them to the template with some glue or double side tape. And once you have that ready place it onto the clear phone case. As you can see this technique is also really simple and really allows you to make any design you can think of.

For example for the next design, I started printing out a pic of this cute flamingo and cutting it out. Then I stick it to my clear template and on the other side of the template I made little stroke with light blue acrylic paint and then with a darker blue too.

But if you don’t own a printer another option is using this like exchange cards, I didn’t really know how they are called in English, in Spanish they are cromos, but yeah you can find them at craft stores, so you just need to cut those divider thingies and using the clear template again, just arrange them however you want, and once you are happy with how it looks just glue them down, don’t forget to cut any excess from the sides and it is all done!

And again if you don’t want to use a printer another option is using some cute washi tape like this. This method literally takes 2 minutes to make and if the washi tape is cute you will have a super cute case. As always cut out the excess from the sides and place the template on the phone case and voila! This was definitely the easiest one of all but it’s also really pretty.

Another option without needing a printer is using some marble contact paper, so trace your phone case and make a vertical line in the middle. Then you will need a box or anything that has that 90 degree angle and placing the corner in the middle line, just trace the sides, move it upwards a little and do the same thing and then cut your design. You will get something like this and the stick them onto the template.

And if you don’t want to use a template, another option is using this iridescent plastic, really pretty and you cut little triangles directly onto the phone case, cut as many as you want, you can use different colors… and then just put the phone back.

For the next idea you will need a paper template like this and since all of you have requested me to make an holographic DIY, you will need a piece of holographic contact paper, so just stick it to the template and cut the excess from the sides so you get something like this and then print out a picture, to find this you can search tumblr png and stick that also to your design, place it onto the case and bum! You have a super cute holographic case and you can always personalize it changing the picture in the middle for something else.

Another very similar option is printing any background you like and trace you phone case, cut it out, don’t forget the camera hole and to make this little speech bubble all you need to do is search tumblr speech bubble on Google and click the first link and there you can write whatever message you want and save it to your computer, then print and cut it like so and stick it to the background you choose before. This option allows you to make tons of designs and with that little program you can write whatever you want on your speech bubble.



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