Video #13: Do It Yourself Drapes | Window Treatment Ideas With Swags, Scrolls and Holdbacks



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Do It Yourself Drapes | Window Treatment Ideas With Swags, Scrolls and Holdbacks | DIY Drapery.

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Have you ever walked into a room that took your breath away? A room that was exquisite in every way right down to the magnificent custom window treatments? Would you like to know how it’s done?

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So today our plan is to go ahead and demonstrate how to use our captivating scrolls. In order to do this I’m going to show you not only how to use them but how to go about hanging a scarf from it. This is one of our do-it-yourself packages that we get a lot of demand for. It’s a unique design and it’s very, very easy to do.

This particular one, our crystal drapery scrolls have a wire on the back of them that sleeves into a little pocket and all I have to do is just take it out and sleeve it out and sleeve my fabric through it. So what I have done is simply put a small pocket on the end of the drape just enough for my wire to slip into this little pocket.

Once you have slipped the fabric through it all you have to do is simply put that back into place. And that’s all you have to do. So we now have a fabric that’s hanging from the scroll.

Now the next thing I’m going to do is put the sleeves back onto the arms. These sleeves are made in 3.5 inch and 5.5 inch projections. So what I do is put up the first bracket and this will allow me to determine the angle. I may want it at a higher angle or a lower angle. I usually like to have them at this angle which is not too high or too low. And then all I do is by simply keeping them in this position, all I have to do is go ahead and put in my second screw. Once I’ve done that it’s pretty much secure in place, it’s not going anywhere. And now I have a fabric that is just hanging from our scrolls. All we have to do at this time by simply adjusting a little bit of these pleats that we have across here by keeping them even and making sure they are hanging even. And one way to do that is simply to pull on the fabric.

For the sake of demonstration we did not hem the edges of this fabric. It would be highly recommended that you go ahead and hem the edges of these but we can hide that and as we go along I’m going to show you how we do that.

Since we did not hem the fabric, I’m going to go ahead and just take the first fold and fold it inward to hide that raw edge. Then I’m going to work my way towards the center in an angle. Just keep going up at an angle to get that swag look.

As you can see, this is already starting to form really nicely.

Now that I have pulled it to the center, all I have to do is just make sure that this hem is on the first fold is hidden underneath and all I need to do now is just scarf it over my holdback. In order to have it on the top all I do is just pull the first fold. That will give me a very nice tail as well as a nice swag.

If I want to go ahead and pull any pleats out I do this simply by adjusting my hands long ways I can go ahead and put creases in it to create my folds.

So what I did here is added a little bit of trim without even sewing it on there. I just simply laid it on the bottom and this will give it a little more enhanced look.
Now you have a very simple window treatment, simply put up and it looks very elegant. This is using our scrolls as well as using our holdbacks.

I’m going to put up a holdback. I’m going to show you how to dress our fabrics over our holdbacks. In this particular case I want to do about 7.5 inches because there seems to be a little bit of depth in the wall. And once I’ve done that I simply put the holdback on there. As you can see, the drapes are hanging from the same scroll…

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