Top 5 Machines: Fanny sewing machine, Truck steering, Do it yourself, Go for a spin, Pump it up!



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Fanny&sewing machine: Why not wearing high heels for sewing?! Fanny shows: it works. And she is so sweet!
features: sewing machine, High Heels, Pedal Pumping

Truck steering: Ziwer’s beautiful hands and such a huge steering wheel: Will this work? Steering without servo. Hard work for this stunning lady.
Special for all lovers of steering wheel handling.
features: Steering, ,Diesel,truck

Do it yourself: Jane vents her anger and fires Paul. Now she has to drive the tractor herself! It is a long time since … So many pedals and nine gears! O.k. preheating, starting and first gear….
features: tractor, shifting,driving,pedal pumping,mules

Go for a spin: Winter does not want to end. But Fanny doesn’t mind. She takes a golf cart and goes for a spin. She enjoys driving on slippy ground…
features:golf cart,electric,driving, rubber boots, socks

Pump it up! Sunny afternoon – Fanny wants to go for a bicycle ride. But both tires are flat! No way out, Fanny must pump it up! A tough job!
features: flat tire, bicycle, flats, pump

Maid’s morning cranking – Cheerleader’s bad luck – Please help me:

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