TOP 10 Unbelievable DIY Projects You Can Do at Home from Cardboard



10. DIY How to Make OREO McDonald’s and Coca Cola Vending Machine
Homemade Cardboard Vending Machine that gives Oreo McDonald’s and bottle of Coco-Cola. This realistic vending machine is made at home using cardboard. It holds 6 bottles Coco-Cola and 6 Oreo and 3 Burger at once but very easy to increase capacity as required.
9. DIY Real Life Angry Birds from Cardboard
In this video I show you how to make angry birds game real from cardboard! Finally you can touch and play with your favourite caracters, create unique levels and have a lot of fun!
8. DIY How to make Candy Ferris Wheel from Cardboard
Hello friends, In this video I show you How to make a ferris wheel ride Toy from Cardboard at home. This video is provided for scientific and entertaining purposes only. Watch this video and enjoy it.
7. How to Make a Mini Game Prize from Cardboard
6. How to Make Coco Pops Machine with Milk from Cardboard
Coco Pops machine with milk How to make Coco Pops machine with milk.
5. Wow! Amazing DIY Mentos and Kitkat Chocolate Vending Machine
Wow! Amazing DIY Mentos and Kitkat Chocolate Vending Machine. This video show you how to make it. It’s really simple and easy. I have lot of fun with this vending machine. I like all Mentos and Kitkat Chocolate. I hope everyone like this video. Thank you for watching!!
4. DIY How to Make Kinder Machine from Cardboard
In this video you are going to see the easiest way of making Kinder machine from cardboard and by using Pringles empty box, hope you enjoy and like it.
3. DIY Coin Sorting Machine from Cardboard
2. How to Make a Challenge Speedway From Cardboard Playing with Cars
Auto tracking out of cardboard How to make a Speedway out of cardboard
1. How to Make a Spin Art Machine from Cardboard
This is a amazing DIY project ,How to Make a Spin Art Machine.
The mini spin art toy are for KIDS .

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