“Tooth-Bridge-It©” Do It Yourself Kit #1…



“Tooth-Bridge-It©” Do It Yourself Kit
Temporary Tooth Replacement System
In this day and age of limited budgets here is a way to replace your missing tooth without a trip to the dentist! This powerful kit provides all the needed materials that allow you to create a beautiful “Temporary-bridge” for yourself in a simple, effective, efficient and safe manner. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is. Adjust the enclosed false tooth into the space (New Kits contain two false teeth, Male and Female), apply the paste to the sides of the false tooth, insert the false tooth into the space and shine the LED light on the material. The false tooth will be secured to the teeth on either side. All the tools are provided in the kit with full instructions. The cost of the kit is only $39.50 and you may order online at…

All credit cards accepted. Express your inner art! Patent License #1.


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