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Hey everyone. It’s Kim from Apostrophe S and in this video, I’m showing you our Flock Together Banner. This is so cute for springtime and Easter and I just love it. I think it would also be cute not just for your springtime décor but cute in a little girl’s room or in a nursery and it would be absolutely stunning for part of a baby shower décor too.

So lots of fun things and fun ways to use this and it’s really, really fun to put together. In your kit, you get all of the ribbons and the trim that you need as well as the thread. You will have Mod Podge. There’s my brush. Mod Podge and a brush, a paper ruler and then your chipboard pieces here are all laser-cut including a hole to thread your string through.

So they’re nice and sturdy and then you get a pack of really, really cute pattern paper. It’s perfect for spring time. I mean you can see this picture. It’s cute for spring time because it’s pastel and light but then you have little pops of like hot pink and dark green and that kind of adds an unexpected touch to it, which I really love.

So these papers are cute and they’re already laser-cut so all you have to do is punch them out and then this is important. We have the photo. So if you wanted to follow the same combinations that we did, you could. But most important is this template here which will help us place the wings in the right spot. So that’s everything that you get. We did a lot of prep work for you.

So now what you need from home, some paper towels and water just to clean up any Mod Podge that might spill out while you’re gluing. You need a pair of scissors to cut all of your thread and then you may want an iron because as these are wound around this holder, they tend to have creases. So if you want to get rid of that crease, just whip out your iron really quick. A flat iron would also work. You would have that done in no time.

All right. Let’s get started on this. Our first step is to put the Mod Podge on all of the chipboard pieces. So I would suggest go – when you get the kit, get everything out. Punch out all of your pieces and then put the patterns together. So which patterns do you want with other patterns for wings and all of that?

Like I said, you could follow the photo that we’ve – that we have and you can do the exact combinations that we’ve already done. But the papers all look really great together, so there’s really no wrong way to do it. But anyway, it would probably be a good idea to just lay them out so you kind of have an idea of where you’re going and which pieces you like together.

So I am just slapping on a coat of Mod Podge here. We will use this to glue on our wings and to get the paper on the chipboard.

So line it up and just pay attention to the hole because you want the thread to be able to go through that. We’ve done the same pattern on both sides. That’s up to you if you want to do the same way that we did it.

Anyway, that’s pretty easy. So put on a movie. Get that done. Get all of your wings done too and we will move on to the next step.

Before we put our wings on our little birds, we’re going to string them. So cut lengths of about 12 inches for each bird. We’ve got 16 birds. Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned this. You have 16 birds but you have extra paper which is great because then you have even a little bit more options, more combinations that you could do.

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