Neighbours from Hell 100% S3 E3 Do it Yourself



Season 3
Episode 3: Do it Yourself
What is that noise coming down the neighbourhood? Could it be…THE BICYCLE REPAIRMAN? ( )
Nah, it’s just the lousy Mr. Rottweiler trying to prove something to himself.
The only thing he’s handy at is murdering little children, as shown at 6:34

This is a tough episode, but nothing we couldn’t handle. It’s best to start with the sink prank. I know, it does not connect to anything, but that’s just fine. During the whole episode, you’ll be able to achieve only 4 anger outrages, so don’t worry about a few missing links. You’ll need to get accustomed to the wardrobe down the hall, for you’re gonna using it a lot (more specifically, when turning the water valve, and putting the extra fuse into the fuse box)
Also, feel free to exploit the dog’s alarm as much as you please.


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