More Penny Pinching Ideas! Ditch the Salon! Do it Yourself! Noreen’s Kitchen



Greetings! After doing the video response to Shelby over at thequeenscabinet, I got to thinking about all the ways we really go out of our way to save money. Somethings we think hard about and others we just do like they were breathing.

This is one of those ways that we just do because going to the salon is so expensive and having two teenage daughters who love to get highlights will put you in the poorhouse. Also because I love to have pretty hair and I have been coloring mine since I was in my early 20’s. A trip to the salon for highlights or to have your hair colored will set you back at least 100 bucks in my area.

Doing it yourself can seem scary at first, but you should face the fear and trudge forward. Once you do it you will never be afraid again. The cost is so minimal you won’t believe it and you will ask yourself why you have been paying the salon all that money all this time.

Highlights are even easier, but they are a bit more involved. Do some research and get some knowledge before diving in and you will be on your way to saving money.

Get a good pair of clippers and learn to cut your husband’s hair ladies! A set of clippers will pay for itself in two or three haircuts and your husband will be happy he doesn’t have to shell out anymore for the barber. After all what is good for you is good for him.

This won’t make your rich, but it will make you feel good about saving money where you could be spending it elsewhere!

Hope you try it and I hope you love it!

Happy Saving!


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