Knit a Hat! DIY Beanie Hat with Pom Pom + DIY Knitting Loom! Easy for Knitting or Crochet Beginners



Learn how to knit a hat! This DIY shows how to knit (crochet) a beanie hat with a cute pom-pom from scratch with a homemade knitting loom. In this DIY tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a knitting loom (DIY Loom), how to sew a hat or a beanie and how to make a pom-pom and attach it to the beanie. This DIY is perfect for beginners, since it shows how to knit a hat step by step from scratch. To crochet a hat (or a beanie) or to knit a hat must be one of the coolest DIY fashion projects. All you need to make this adorable hat is some yarn, and a knitting loom.

You can make this beanie DIY for yourself, or it can be a perfect Christmas or a birthday gift for a baby, your family, friends or your boyfriend. Knitting your own hat just became really easy and simple with this DIY tutorial. If you plan to knit (crochet) a baby hat, just make a smaller, knitting loom and use the same knitting technique. Beanie hat is great for avoiding bad hair days! No matter what hairstyle you have, DIY beanie looks great anyway! I like to wear my hat with my red winter jacket, since I’ve used similar colors of yarn so that it matches my clothing. Very fashionable, right? 🙂

First we make the DIY knitting loom so we can knit our lovely beanie. And don’t worry if you are beginner in knitting, sewing or crochet! So am I! The knitting technique we are using is super easy and simple. You first wrap the yarn around the pegs (bobby pins) two times. Then you need to pull the bottom loops over the top ones and over the knitting loom pegs so a knitting stitch forms. Your first row is then knitted. When the beanie hat is done, I also show how to make your own DIY pom-pom and how you can attach it to the hat. I like adding the pom-poms to my beanies; they make the hat look really cute. In one of my next DIY projects, I’ll show how to use a round knitting loom to make a scarf! Crochet with knitting loom is much faster and really simple! Hope you are already excited, but until then you’ve just learned a new skill — knitting and how to make a hat!

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