Jellyfish in a Bottle Pinterest DIY



This moving jellyfish in a bottle DIY is a fun, quick and easy craft project to try. All the materials can be found around the house to make this simple toy. This DIY can also be used as a fun kids science project!

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– Clear bottle
– Plastic bag
– Food dye
– String
– Scissors

Create the jellyfish:
1. Lay out the plastic bag flat and cut out a square. Place over a glass and place a few drops of water in the centre. Carefully gather the sides around the water and tie in place with string.
2. Cut long tentacles below the string. Try and make them thin and have various lengths to give a more realistic effect.

Put it together:
1. Get a clear bottle and fill with water. Add food dye and the jellyfish. Put on the cap and shake so that the colour is evenly distributed.

Make the jelly fish swim:
To make the jellyfish move up and down the bottle just flip the bottle upside down.

That’s it, you’re done! I hope you enjoyed watching this DIY and have fun trying it out. If you did enjoy the video please subscribe for updates on new uploads. Thank you for watching!

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