How to Sweep a Chimney – Do it Yourself & Save Money – Warren Nash



The equipment you need to sweep a chimney is really cheap so save money by doing it yourself. Check out my in-depth demonstration on how to sweep a chimney.

Here I’m sweeping the chimney of my woodburner stove, however, much of the points demonstrated are applicable for an open fire as well.

The equipment featured is readily available in the UK and other countries. It’s important to read the notes below before following my steps on how to sweep a chimney yourself.


I am not a professional chimney sweep. When in doubt, always consult a professional chimney sweep. Your insurance company may require a certificate of sweeping – only a qualified professional will be able to provide you with this.

The instructions in this video are specific to the woodburner stove, chimney, and equipment used in this UK based demonstration. The instructions may not be suitable for all stove, fireplace and chimney set ups – especially chimneys that have a liner or are non-brick.

Be aware of the condition of your chimney before sweeping and any harm sweeping it personally may cause to yourself or your property. Sweeping flues and other connections to your chimney may also be required.


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