How to Install a BACKUP CAMERA in Your Car ( Do It Yourself guide )



How to install a backup camera on a car or truck. Back up camera installation is a simple process. backup camera is also called as reverse camera. Buying a reversing camera kit is the easiest way as the kit comes with everything. Its harder to answer the question “what is the best aftermarket backup camera” coz most of them are made in china and then re branded. Anyways, if you wanna know how to install a backup camera system yourself cheaply (wired or wireless, rear view mirror or dashboard monitor or aftermarket head unit ), this would be an installation guide for you.
If you want, you can install more cameras to detect blind spots

Soldering iron

60-40 Rosin Core Solder

vernier caliper

reverse camera kit

heat gun

heat shrink tubing

wire stripper

pick set

silicon paste

electrical tape

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