How to do it Yourself DIY and make a Water alkalinization ionization ionizer water sytem unit



This is another in my how to series of making things. In this video I show you how to make a water ionization alkalization water unit using simple parts found around the house for around $20 to $30.

I did this unit for my health, and to help me clean up 48 years of too many burgers and pizza, also to help me clean the fluoride and chlorine that many cities are putting into the public drinking water systems. I have been drinking the water I made in this unit for over a few weeks, with no harmful effects what so ever, I have however felt better, have more energy, and just a few days. After I started drinking my water I was able to cut my grass and still felt fine, where before I was dead, heck at one point I had to lay in my driveway to rest before I could get cleaned up.

This video is intended for educational purposes only. So if you do decide to build one please do so at your own risk.

The water made in this unit will result in a high PH ionized alkalized water which is said to balance the high acidic levels of your body. Note to date I do not own a digital ORP or PH level meter so I did the best I could with a chemical test unit I own. I advise anybody building one to purchase these items to get an accurate result of your water levels.

Ok Ed, but what does PH and ORP mean? In simple terms PH = acid/alkaline balance = ionizing = O.R.P. (oxidation reduction potential)

This is saying that when there are more H+ ions in water than OH- ions, it will read as acidic. When there are more OH- than H+, it’s alkaline water.

So acid or alkaline liquid is measured as pH, and pH is a measure of hydrogen ions (atoms).The more H+ in a liquid, the more ‘acidic’. The more OH-, the more alkaline.

What is a good level then? The fact is, most water ionizers will have an ORP reading of -300 to -600 at the 9.5 pH level most often used for drinking, but I have read that the body is not able to process anything over -350, and as the ORP goes to a stronger negative reading than -350 the body isn’t able to process the excess. Drinking ionized water throughout the day, at any negative ORP level, gives the body a steady supply of antioxidants — and minerals — and hydration, so do not freak out if your water is at a -500 ORP.
What is the reason then for drinking alkaline water? Some are reverse aging, more energy, there are too many to list, but the answer is out there on the internet please do the research. Lets just say our body is overloaded with acid type foods like burgers, beer, and soda, it needs help or it starts to rob bones and teeth, and yes, we actually erode our own skeleton to feed our acid habit. It can lead to gout which is painful I’ll tell you what. Alkaline water helps to reduce the acid and help the body to balance, but reducing the burgers and beer should be the first step. Remember blood is 7.35 to 7.45 PH.


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