èVivo!™ Do it Yourself Ecosystem



What’s èVivo!™
This is a unique item because there are a lot of spheres containing the small re-newable ecosystem E’VIVO! but each sphere is unique: no two are identical! The system is almost completely independent: the only external factors are light (from the sun or an electrical source) and air (once amonth).

Let’s see what ÈVIVO! is
sphere with a diameter of 11 cm, made out of PET, an ecological plastic, containing a biologically balanced environment in which small stock farm shrimp live and interact with other elements of this miniature aquatic ecosystem. The small spores of micro algae inside (supplied in the kit) generate oxygen and food for the inhabitants through the process of photosynthesis. The shrimp use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide by eating the micro algae. The micro algae reuse the carbon dioxide, converting it into food and air. The aerobic bacteria inside the ecosystem also clean the shrimps’ waste products. The ecosystem must receive 6 to 8 hours a day of indirect natural or artificial light.

Everything is in the kit
Plastic globe, caps and o-ring, 4 shrimp, sand, shells, gorgonian, plant and salt

It’s easy!


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