Easy Do it Yourself – Denim Jacket into Vest



The song is Rihanna – Do Ya Thang.
My sleeves were too short and I wanted a denim vest so decided to make one =)
I got this jacket from JeansWest, not one you would really rip up but it was that or give it away.
It took me around 40mins to do this because I was mucking around all day.
I reckon it can take anyone around 10 minutes to an hour depending on how you work.
You can decorate your new vest if you like! I would’ve put metal/punk studs, other materials, dyed the fabric etc. but I my jacket’s got enough going on so didn’t wanna over do it.
Just buy like a random denim jacket/shirt from a second-hand shop or something to practice on! Who knows, you might find something frikn amazing.
Fahk, don’t be an egg and hate on my creation. Just strait enjoy it CHUR.


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