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Handmade DIY Room Décor Crafts are special – not because they look beautiful, but because you make them with your hands using your creativity! These wall décor crafts enhance the beauty of your home with elegance. There are plenty of wall décor ideas and diy home decor projects available over internet but making each of them may not be always easy. If you are looking for easy wall decorating ideas that even kids can make then you are at right place.

This craft is a paper Dahlia wall décor that is too easy to make. This is a good example of a summer kids craft that children can make during their summer vacations. All it needs is little time and patience. This craft resembles to the dahlia flower that everybody will love.

Making process of this craft is very simple. All you need to do is to cut the pieces of paper and create small cones out of it. Afterwards arrange these cones in a circular fashion that will look like a dahlia flower. Place a bead or decorative ornament at the centre and you are done! Your beautiful DIY Wall decoration craft is ready.

This is a multipurpose craft. It means that you can use this craft at many places like home decoration, Centre table decoration, wall hanging, Kids school projects, Children summer craft project, etc.

Happy Crafting!

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