Earplugs…DIY Homemade Ear Plugs…Do It Yourself. Stop Loud Noise!



If you use these earplugs on a daily basis…consider taking a q-tip and dabbing skin moisturizer on it and coating you inner ears with it.

The hardness of the playdo affects the ear comfort and the amount of noise that is reduced…(noise can never be completely reduced…if travels through our bones into our ears!). So adjust as necessary! Playdo can have water added to it. And leaving it in air hardens it (do so with only a earplugs or two(s) worth. The plugs will only last a week or two before they become hard…

Quiet Ear Plugs, High Quality, Highest NRR Available, Well Over Department Store dB Rating, Soft, Non-Irritating, Ear Canal Safe, Noise Reduction Rated, Not Polyurethane, Blocks Noise, Disposable, Easily Inserted And Removed, Will Not Pop Out Of Ear Canal, Humidity Resistant, Smooth Feel, Very Exclusive, Custom Personal Fit, Do It Yourself, Hundreds Of Uses, Hobby, Sport, Loud Conversation, Prevent Hearing Loss, Sleeping, Work, Traveling, Trains, Planes, Mary Janes, Stadium, Baby, Whisper, Rain


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