DOLLAR TREE DIY Faux Mirror | THE BEST DIY Home Decor/Wedding 2017



DOLLAR TREE DIY Faux Mirror | BEST DIY Home Decor/Wedding 2017

Hey everyone thanks so much for stopping by my channel! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos I would love to have you part of the family!! Today I will show you how I made my faux mirror wall decor using Dollar Tree items!! Zgallerie has a mirror that looks similar but for soo much more!

I was inspired to do this project by GreenCrystalRose and Treshaja. I want to give credit to them because they were the first people I saw to make a DIY using these silver plates from the Dollar Tree and I was in awe!

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Project Update!
I wanted to give you an update on this project because my husband wanted to get rid of the command strips. He said by getting portrait hooks it would be more secure for this project. And you know what he was right! He put the hangers and screwed them on the back of the foam boards. Using 2 hangers and screws per wall art on each side. Then he simply hooked them on the wall.. You can do either or. Just wanted to give an update on my project. I will leave a link of what we used.

Picture hangers:

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