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The Dollar Store Challenge has come and gone and we know we’re late to the game, but we did it anyway. Since our channel is new (hoping to inspire people everywhere) we will jump on trends and create some of our own–but the dollar store challenge is totally not new but it was fun!

Being Mexican youtubers, we both headed to the dollar store for the craft challenge we saw on The Sorry Girls channel — they were the inspiration behind this, and then we saw other youtubers doing it, like Liza Koshy and a few others.

Inside the 99 cent store, actually it was The Dollar Tree, we shopped and shopped and almost gave up because when you’re not a Do Ot Yourself type of person, these things don’t come so easy but inspiration hit and we’re here to showcase our inventions/crafts!

Who won? Nando or German?

Leave a comment below with your opinion to help us decide which project gets place inside our work studio and which one BURNS ON FLAMES in the BBQ pit.


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