Do It Yourself Railway: Model Trains (1966) | British Pathé



Victor Martin is a railway enthusiast who runs his own model train railway in this delightful footage from 1966.

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(FILM ID:367.04)
Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

Victor Martin is a railway enthusiast who runs his own model railway. Various shots of Victor in guard’s uniform in his office, he clips train ticket in machine and looks at his watch. He walks out onto the platform where people are waiting, the camera follows him to show he is actually in his garden with no track. He climbs a ladder to clean a full scale signal, there are various signs saying Beware of Trains etc.

Various shots of him and his wife with their model Midland and South East Railway which works exactly to 1948 St. Pancras timetable. He goes outside to clean the line when the train gets stuck, mice on the line are the biggest hazard for this railway.

Cuts exist please see separate record.

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