Do It Yourself Mosquito & Insect Fogger



I’m one of those people that get bitten by mosquitoes when NO ONE else around me gets bitten at all. As a result, I take killing mosquitoes very seriously.

Professional exterminators will charge you between $50 and $100 a month to treat your yard for mosquitoes. They do this with a fogger. I inspected one and found it was nothing more than a bottle with off-the-shelf mosquito spray connected to a blower.

I thought, “I can build that!”

So, I did.

My $30 cost includes the poison (a quart of concentrate) and all the supplies minus the blower which I already had. The most expensive part was the valve, which you could actually do without and probably find cheaper than I did.

Anyhoo, I appreciate the thumbs ups and shares! God bless you!


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