Do It Yourself Diddley Bow – One string DIY Homemade Instrument w/ a Loopy Jam



Chongolian stickers, cards & prints:

Hawaiian style, one string diddley bow with altered art acrylic paint job played and looped using ios apps.

This do it your self homemade diddley bow is 30″ long and 2.5″wide and 2″ inches tall.

I used a guitar tuning peg, a Hawaii mint tin with piezo pick up and jack and some recycled scrap wood to build it.

the paint job was done with acrylic paint and paint pens. I also used a metallic gold pen for the outlines. Small felt pads were stuck to the bottom of the feet.

In the video I am running the diddley bow through the iShred ios app and into my iPad.

The app Loopy was used to record my loops. The drum tracks were put down with a Roland Handsonic 10.

The lead synth was done on my Korg Kaossilator Pro running through another Kaoss pad.

A Griffin iMic was used as the audio interface for the iPad and a Korg nanokontrol was employed for midi control.

Music recording is a new hobby for me, so I had some trouble getting a clean signal. F

or some reason the recording came out very low too so I used garageband to help bump up the levels and reduce some of the hiss and shape the sound.


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