Do It Yourself Chiropractic



Denver’s Troubleshooter Tom Martino helps Chiropractor Dr. Evelyn Haworth demonstrate her Kacelia Tru-Align Body System live in the studio.
How Kacelia – The Tru-Align Body System ™ works
Specially engineered cushions support the body at key points allowing gravity to exert a downward pressure restoring the spiral curves and good posture. Using the Tru-Align for 20 minutes daily decompresses limbers, reshapes and encourages alignment of the jaw occipital, neck spiral, shoulder sacroiliacs, and hip joints. We have found that the effectiveness of disc decompression is exponentially increased when the proper spinal curve is restored at the same time.

The Kacelia Tru-Align has been clinically proven to alleviate pain and stiffness of the groin, sacra-iliac, neck, shoulder, TMJ (jaw), upper, mid and lower back. It also reduces or resolves headaches, sinus pressure, pinched nerves, disc problems, sciatica, depression, low energy, trouble sleeping and pregnancy discomforts.


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