DIY Water Well Drilling – 6 Ways To Drill Your Own Well in 2018



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Are you a homesteader or prepper looking for a way to be off- grid? Drilling a water well is a great place to start. In this video we review the 6 ways you can drill your own water well. We’ll be weighing the pros and cons and costs of each option. We discuss hand-dug wells, driven well points, jetting a well with water, having a well dug for you by a professional, deep-rock and hydra-drill machines.

We compare these systems to our own unique innovative method of well drilling which has many advantages over the traditional methods and makes for a great DIY weekend project!

(How To Drill a Well in Your Own Backyard)

Having a well frees you from expensive city water bills and bad quality water. No matter what your situation one of these methods will allow you to get your own water well and supply water to your house, garden, sprinklers, geothermal heating and air conditioning systems – all using virtually free water supplied by nature!

The method shown in the links below is called “jetting” or “washing” a well. This is a great method if you only need a shallow well but tends to be limited to only 40 feet, and can’t drill through hard soils like our drill can. But if you have an easy well to drill you should totally check these out!

Has complete instructions on how to jet a well, and these next videos are either by him, or probably learned how to do it from him.

(Drill Your Own Well Series – Part 1
(DIY Water Well Drilling by Pentexsoft)

And the following are more videos of our method of water well drilling:

(What is a Water Well?)
(5 Things You NEED To Know FIRST)
(Make Your Own Wellscreen)
(FAQ of our Well Drilling System)
(6 Ways to Drill Your Own Water Well)


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