DIY. Simple Home Decor | 3 Beautiful Room Decoration Paper Crafts Ideas



DIY. Simple Home Decor | 3 Beautiful Room Decoration Paper Crafts Ideas.
3 Cheap And Simple Decorating Tricks | Top DIY Projects.
3 Mind Blowing Wall Hanging Crafts Ideas | Room Decor ( Easy Interior Design and Decor Tips ) .
3 EASY DIY PAPER CRAFTS FOR GIRLS (Beautiful bedroom decoration ideas )

Fast Tutorial :
How to make room decorating flower sticks with color paper.
2nd tutorial :
How to make wall hanging circular flower board..
3rd project :
How to make origami lily flower sticks at home.

this is the video tutorial of how to make origami beautiful homemade flower.
in other sense it’s called paper made flower and in technical language paper craft flower.
this is not real flower but it’s beauty not less than a real one and who does not love to see it.
Along with personal fascination of gifting someone it also enhances beauty of u’r reading table,
office table,workstation,residence,wall to decorate and many more.To prepare it we have used very
simple things like paper,paper gum,tape which is very cheap and easy manageable elements.Although
we have used very few color paper but you can choose u’r own color to be remembered.making something own
and gifting someone is cool right cause every one can buy easily huh!!!we have mentioned particular size of
paper and easy process to make it.after making the flower is glowing like u’r face and the atmosphere of u’r
heart have changed as the room or the particular place that you choose to keep it.

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Some helpfiles

Some Bedroom Decoration Iideas with paper :
Beautiful wall decoration crafts ideas –
Wall Decoration flower Hanging crafts –

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