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Hi guys! In this video I’m going to show you some DIY room decor ideas that will help you keep your room tidy and organized. Some of them are DIY projects and some of them are just easy little tips to help you organize all your stuff.

The first idea is a cute box that you can use to store anything you want. You will need: any kind of box, spray paint, ribbon, a piping bag with a star tip, white silicone caulk and cabochons that I found at eBay.

Start off by spray painting your box a cream color in a ventilated place. Then take a piece of ribbon and glue it down to one side of the box, wrap it around the box and glue it again once you get to the beginning point.

Fill a piping bag with the silicone and try your piping technique first in a piece of paper. Then start decorating the lid of your box. Do it the same way you would frost a cake or cupcake and you will see that is really easy. Then take your cabochons that you can find at eBay, etsy or craft stores in general and place them here and there on the lid sinking then a little bit into the silicone. I also placed some little pearls with the help of some tweezers. Let it dry 4 hours at least and your box will be finished.

I’m using the box to store my long necklaces and it’s a great idea to keep them in little zip lock plastic bags. This way they don’t get tangled and as they are air sealed they won’t get rusty and will last you a lot longer.

As you see with this decoden technique you can create super cute things like this box but you can also use it to decorate a phone case.

The zip lock plastic bags are also great to store your small craft supplies like beads and cabochons. And you can also use bigger ones to organize stickers or even washi tapes. I also use clear sheet protectors to organize my scrapbook paper and place a cutlery tray over it to organize more craft supplies.
For the next DIY project you will need: an embroidery ring, and lace fabric.

Start off by taking out the inner ring of the embroidery ring and hot glue the lace fabric as I’m doing in the video. Make sure that the fabric is tight. Once you finish put the two pieces back together and cut out the excess fabric. As you see this is super simple and is a great way to organize your earrings. You can hang this on a wall or keep it in a drawer if you prefer.

The last DIY is actually an upcycle project from my Christmas decor video where I made a stand from a candlestick holder and a small fishbowl. So once Christmas was over I took out the ribbon and tinsel and used it to store my lipsticks. This way they are super handy and it’s a perfect accent piece for my room.

So I hope you liked all these little ideas and found them useful and remember that the key to have a tidy room is making sure that everything has its place. It may look simple but it’s the number one rule for an organized space. Thanks for watching! BYee!

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