DIY Room Decor! How to Transform your Room into Frozen Winter Room on a Budget!



DIY ROOM DECOR! In this video I show how to make easy room decorating ideas for teenagers, boys and girls! These tumblr DIY room decoration and room organization crafts are easy to make, simple, affordable and perfect for beginners! DIYs on a budget to make your room super cool! DIY room decorations are perfect for winter and all year around. Since I have a small room I love making DIYs for room, decorating small rooms, but these crafts are great even if your room is big and spacious. In this DIY room decor life hacks video we are making candles, lanterns, pillows, wall art an much much more!

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This video shows how to make DIY room decorating ideas for teenagers! You can design and makeover your room by yourself using crafting supplies you can find at home! All decor ideas and DIY projects in this DIY room decor compilation listed:
– DIY Fairy Light Lantern,
– DIY Pillow with mittens,
– DIY Candle with Frozen Icicles and Snow,
– DIY Clay Organisation Pots/Bowls,
– DIY Table Decor with Pine Cones,
– DIY Wall Art with Frozen Snowman and Snowflakes,
– DIY Candles out of Winter Socks,
– DIY Pencil Holder Mug.

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