DIY ROOM DECOR For Summer! Colorful ideas to spice up your room!



Hey guys! Today I bring you another room decor video, this time with some colorful ideas that are perfect for summer!!


For the pillow, start off with a piece of fabric, (Mine was 40×80 cm)
fold it in half and sew or glue the sides.

Then take some potatoes and very carefully start cutting the pattern you want, as I’m doing in the video. You will need one potato stamp for each color you want to use.

After sewing the fabric piece, turn it right side out, take your fabric paint and start stamping your design onto the pillow. Continue until you cover the whole surface. Then, let it dry, and stuff your
pillow with cotton or stuffing.

Pin the bottom line and sew or glue the gap shut.


For the next project I’m using an old mouse pad that I had and I’m painting it white. You may need a couple of coats here, and I switch to the sponge because it gives a more even finish. Then I placed some masking tape diagonally, all over the mouse pad. And then I took out half of them and paint the gaps. This way the stripes have all the same size. After letting it dry and taking out the tape, the lines weren’t as neat as I expected so I drew some lines with a silver marker(but this step is of course optional).


For the last one take a wooden plank (mine was 70×15 cm) and place some masking tape at the edges and paint it with some acrylic paint of your choice to create a frame.

Then I printed some letters (the font I’m using is RALEWAY, you can download it from and a yin yang sign and I cut them out.

Take your letters and trace the outline onto the wood. Then just paint the inside with a small brush.

For the yin yang sign, I just cut the middle line and I use one of the halves to trace the line, and I did the same with the little dots too. Then I painted the inside with black and white.

Finally I just sandpapered the surface a little bit so it looked a little older and vintagy(this is optional, you can also varnish the wood before painting, that really gives a nice touch).

So, I hope you enjoy all these ideas, let me know if you would want more summer room decor videos And I would love to make them for you.

Don’t forget to leave me in the comments which kind of videos you want to watch next. Thanks for watching!!

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