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DIY Room Decor for 2018!

Hiiii babes!
Today I filmed a DIY Room Decor, and organization video for the new year, 2018.
All the ideas are Tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram (?) inspired.. hehe
My room mostly has pastel colors, but you can change the colors to fit your style more. I personally love summer colors, even if it’s winter.

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•Q: What camera do you film with?
  -A: Canon Rebel t5i/Canon 700D📷
•Q: What lens do you use?
  -A: Sigma 30mm f/1.4
•Q: What editing software do you use?
  -A: I edit with Final Cut Pro X🖥
•Q: How old are you?
  -I’m 16 years old! (27/03/2001)💜
•Q: Where are you from?
  -I was born in Holland but moved to Spain when I was small! My dad
is Spanish and my mom is Dutch🌴💕
Note to YOU🍦💗☺️

I want to remind you that you are beautiful in your very own way, and if you are feeling sad because of any reason, remind that there is always someone there for you💖
Don’t let anyone bring you down for who you are, because you are you and that’s amazing! And never forget; I love you🌙
X Fem!❣


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