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Hi guys! So for this week I decided to take a break from my Christmas videos. I was trying to spice up a little bit my desk area so I made some really simple DIYs that I think are actually great for any room. So I hope you find them useful and let’s get started!

For the first DIY you will need: a book, some fabric and some supplies.

Start off by marking a rectangular shape on the first page of the book. Then take a cuter or an X-acto knife and start cutting the pages following the lines as I’m doing here. And yes, this is a very long process so go watch your favorite movie while you do this so you don’t get bored. And also once you get close to the end be careful so you don’t cut the back cover like I did.

Then take some plastic wrap and cover the front cover and the back. Now take some mod podge or white glue with a little bit of water and cover the inside of the pages and the sides. Place something heavy on top to make some pressure and let it dry for at least 5 hours.

Once it’s dry remove the plastic and it’s time to decorate the book. I chose a white pleather fabric but you can also paint it or cover it in scrapbook paper.

I placed a lot of double side tape to make sure the book stayed in place. To finish the spine part I just made some cuts and tug the fabric in and for the sides I cut the excess and stick it to the inside of the cover.

Finally I glue the pages to the back cover to make the pocket. You can put whatever you want inside and I think it looks really nice on the side of my desk.

The second idea is really simple and you will need: some cork and acrylic paint.

Start off by using something round to make some circles on the cork. Then cut them out and use something smaller to make the donut holes. Before painting I made some guides with pencil and then I painted the coaster pink as it was the icing of the donut. Once that’s dry paint some sprinkles with the help of a toothpick and to make it waterproof cover everything with white glue. I also outline the icing part with a silver marker to make it pop a little more. And that’s it! This coasters are super simple to make and they are also a really nice gift idea.

For the last idea you will need: some wooden letters and some glitter.

Start by sticking some tape on the middle of the letters. As you see, I’m using one of them as a guide to make sure I place the tape on the same place for all the letters. Then I just cover the bottom half with white glue and sprinkle some glitter. Take out the excess and use that to cover any blank spots. I put two coats of glitter and before the glue dried I took out the tape. Do this for all the letters and let them dry. I hung them on my wall forming the word “create” but of course you can put whatever word you want.

So, I hope you liked this video and don’t forget to tweet me a picture if you try any of this because I really love seeing all of your creations. I will come back next week with more Christmas themed videos. Thanks for watching!

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